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November 28, 2017.  As we finish the year, look for an end to selling and continued strength in gold and silver.  Expect the uptrend to continue in 2018.  Buy the dips.

September 6, 2017.  Gold and silver have worked their way higher the past few months.  Gold mining shares have been leading gold.  Continue to accumulate on price declines.

July 28, 2017.  It appears that gold and silver and gold mining shares have put in at least an intermediate term bottom and possibly a long term bottom.  We have waited several years  to reach this lower risk time to enter the gold and silver markets.  Continue to accumulate.

February 8, 2017  Gold and silver have now put in a one year double bottom.  Accumulate on any dips  and get positioned this year.  A number of positve factors are lined up to support precious metals.  1.  Donald Trump as President, 2.  The U.S. dollar retreating against the Swisse franc and Japan Yen,  3.  The move toward digital money only countries should bring more interest in precious metals.

 July 26, 2016  Gold and silver are having a correction at this time and may be near a seasonal bottom.  Now and over the next few weeks, may be the best entry point for new money since the mid March bottom.  These metals are in a confirmed bull market and the downside is limited in a low or zero interest rate environment.  Buy the dips.

July 9, 2016  Gold and silver continue to move higher.  Dips have been few and far between offering very few opportunities to buy dips.  Continue to buy dips and income average into your gold and silver positions on a regular basis.  This new bull market has a few more years to go.

June 12, 2016  Any corrections in gold and silver prices from now until August are buying opportunities in this new bull market.

March 8, 2016.  The bottom is in for precious metals.  It is now safe to buy the dips.  Continue to add to your positions at regular intervals.

January 27, 2016.  The rate of decline in gold and silver has now slowed.  We may be forming a bottom in precious metals now.  2016 is an excellent year to accumulate these metals.  Buy the dips and average into your position rather than plunge in all at once.